Bay of Islands, New Zealand

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Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

The Bay Of Islands

Dolphins jump through the crystal bow wave of your boat as you sail past fabulous islands - each one full of history, fish, and strange bouncy grass. A great spot to explore and chill out.

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Paihia, New Zealand


This is Pahia, looking out from town past the main beaches towards the pier and one of the mooring points for the local boats.

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Russell, New Zealand


This is Russell, looking inland from the pier (where you arrive on the passenger ferry from Paihia), over the small town, and past Long Beach over towards the nearer islands.

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Waitangi, New Zealand


This is Waitangi, looking upriver from the mouth of the estuary. The famous Waitangi Treaty House is just over the bridge to the right.

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Opua, New Zealand


This is Opua, showing you the marina, looking towards the car ferry to Russell, and over towards Paihia. A peacefull seaside community, first port of call for most boats coming to New Zealand.

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Motuarohia, New Zealand


This is Roberton Island (Motuarohia in Maori), a popular anchorage and nice sandy beach - with natural swimming pools, and an underwater snorkel safari. There's a great view from this island, only 10 minutes walk up from the beach.

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Urupukapuka Island, New Zealand

Urupukapuka Island

This is Urupukapuka, the largest island in the Bay. This island features as a stop on a few of the Bay tours as it has a restaurant and pier. It takes about 3 hours to walk around its tea-tree covered slopes, where you'll find old Maori fortifications and lookout points.

Cape Brett, New Zealand

Cape Brett

This is Cape Brett - this marks the farthest side of the Bay. There is an old lighthouse here. Some of the 'Hole in the Rock' tours stop here.


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