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This is our interactive Map of Activities in the Bay of Islands - you can zoom right in, move the map around, and even see satellite photos of the the Bay.

If you're looking to have a wee look-around before you get to Bay Of Islands then this Map of Bay of Islands Activities should be what you're looking for.

There's a heap of Bay of Islands activities to keep everyone happy throughout the year. Why not go on for a sail around the bay, try your hand at some of the legendary fishing, or have a round of golf? There's also regular trips to stunning Cape Reinga (the most northerly point of NZ) and the famous 90-mile beach.

 To see the best of the Bay you need to get out on the water - if a day-long sailboat trip doesn't tickle your fancy, there's a few motor-cruise options (and some fun high-speed rides which'll have you back on land within about 90 minutes)...

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