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This is our interactive Map of Cafes in the Bay of Islands - you can zoom right in, move the map around, and even see satellite photos of the the Bay.

If you're looking to have a wee look-around before you get to Bay Of Islands then this Map of Bay of Islands Cafes should be what you're looking for.

Indulge in some of the restaurants and bars in the Bay of Islands. Justly renowned for its seafood and local wines, there's still plenty of other options, all maintaining the relaxed atmosphere you'll find everywhere in the Bay.

How about some fresh fish, a local wine and a view of the bay? Plenty of options for all styles of eating and drinking. Don't forget to visit one of the local vineyards while you're up in the Bay of Islands and the 'winterless north'.

 You could combine a sightseeing trip with a tasty barbeque on board a sunset dinner cruise

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