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(fishing in paihia) default listing image We specialise in Snapper, Kingfish and Marlin Charters. We have a comfortable 36ft (11 metres) Sport Fishing Boat. We can cater for families or groups of up to 10 people. We can combine trips of fishing, sightseeing and a BBQ on request. Fish filleted on request. We have an onboard toilet,…

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90 Mile Beach Rotorua And Lake Taupo, New Zealand

over a year ago: 9th April 2008
...So after we had the delights and beauty of the Bay of Islands we headed right up to the most Northern point of New Zealand, 90 mile beach, surprisingly 90 mile beach is actually only 52 miles long the......

Bay of Islands and 90 Mile Beach and Auckland

over a year ago: 3rd April 2007
...We then drove to the southern end of the 90 mile beach which stretches to the northern tip of New Zealand. You can drive up the beach in your car to the top but we didnt do this because we only had one day. We stayed at the southern......

Ninety Mile Beach

today: 23rd November 2020
...Andy, Jesu and I went on a two day trip to Ninety Mile Beach. We took the bus tour to travel on the beach and reached the northern tip of New Zealand. :) The main thing for the first day was to drive to Kaitaia. We stopped at Whangarei and Bay of Islands on the way. We took the ferry from Paihai to.....

New Zealand the Stray bus

over a year ago: 23rd May 2008
...Wow, its hard to fit all of this on here. First we went off to Paihia which is up north. We went on a trip up to the very top of New Zealand but the pouring rain meant the road was closed so we drove along part of the 90 mile beach......


over a year ago: 31st December 2006
...Yesterday I headed up to the very north of NZ and drove all along 90 Mile Beach (which is damn long but actually only 64 miles, I dont get it) in this Dune Rider car, it was pretty cool. Then I walked up this GIANT sand hill (it was......

In which she returns to an adoring cat

today: 6th September 2020
...On the 30th we went to the Parrot Place and Kaleidoscope World in and around Kerikeri (this involved a bit more driving). On the 31st we took the best road trip ever SRSLY. This is the road we took: This road is called Ninety Mile.....



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90 Mile in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand