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The Elegance Of Twelve Apostles Travel destinations

today: 24th December 2020
...Theres Merri Marine Sanctuary, Bay of Islands Coastal Park, and Port Campbell National Park located incredibly close to the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostle Marine National Park is over 7 km east of the Port Campbell...

Nelly and Kelly See the World: The Great Ocean Road

today: 27th April 2020 a lot of fun playing on the beach and climbing rocks Unfortunately one of the guys from New Zealand cut his foot badly here and had to be taken to the hospital an hour away so the rest of the group hung out at the 12 Apostles and Gibsons Steps for a few hours. Here are the 12 Apostles in daylight...

The (mis)adventures of ST and a girl called Barbie − Melbourne

over a year ago: 27th November 2007
...Our home for the night was Peterborough, near the Bay of Islands; the first of the impressive limestone stacks and formations that run along the coast. A 20 minute drive after tea took us to the 12 Apostles in time to see the sunset but......

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Apostles in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand