Bay of Islands, New Zealand
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Cruising the Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 3rd April 2008
...Yesterday we arrived in Bay of Islands. We are now anchored in Paradise Bay. Bay of Islands is a very popular cruising ground in the northern part of New Zealand. It is a small archipelago − not more than 10 nm long.......

Cousteaus new film − Dolphins and Whales −

over a year ago: 23rd December 2007
...Cousteaus new film − Dolphins and, UK − 14 hours ago Island in the Azores archipelago, the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina, Sapphire Coast of Australia, Bay of Islands in New Zealand and Canadas Hudson Bay.......

All About Yacht Charters − Supplementary Info: ITINERARY − British..

today: 13th February 2020
...Desolation Sound, the largest and perhaps best known archipelago in British Columbia, is considered by many boaters to be one of the top three cruising grounds in the world, along with Fiji and New Zealands Bay of Islands...

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Archipelago in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand