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over a year ago: 3rd February 2008
...In 2006 my mom, dad, Rachel and I went to New Zealand for my friend Lisas wedding, it was such a great trip Here are some photos to get you excited for your own NZ adventure Bay of Islands North Island. Aukland City Harbor......

New Zealand

today: 27th May 2020
...A lot of people go to New Zealand to see the sights. They love the harbours in Aukland otherwise known as The City of Sails; they go to the sulphur geysers and see the black swans in Rotorua; watch the sheep shearing contests; take boat trips around the Bay of Islands; pray for a clear day in order.....

The Adventures of the Brady Bunch: New Zealand

today: 27th February 2020
...The Mud House Winery. Wellington, New Zealand. River rafting. Rolling hills and farmland everywhere My favorite time of day sunset. Sunset on the balcony. View leaving Aukland, New Zealand. The rainforest at The Bay of Islands.....



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Aukland Birdlife in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand