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over a year ago: 19th July 2008
...but until August 18th, donapos;t expect me to be too active. This applies to LamboDannyRolloLev. englebert humperdinck release me, bay of islands accomodation, bay of islands accomodation new zealand, bay of islands accomodations.......

The aerial antics of Vocker and Gus

over a year ago: 8th May 2007
...Upon arrival in Paihia, the main town of the Bay of Islands, we were accosted by a friendly Israeli fellow named Omri, who came offering us cheap friendly accomodation. I guess it was tourist low season and the nearby backpackers......

Profitable Established Backpacker in Marlborough − FHGC For Sale..

today: 31st March 2020
...backpacker for sale nz, backpackers for sale new zealand, backpackers for sale nz, business for sale marlborough, business for sale upper south island, businesses for sale south island, buy a business marlborough, buy backpackers,.. Profitable Established Backpacker in Marlborough − FHGC For Sale Residential Prop...

Paihia (Feb. 9)

over a year ago: 8th February 2007
...We all headed out to the Pipi Patch bar and then the Saltys bar. At the second bar a Katie and I got to spin the prize wheel. I won some accomodation thingy but traded it for 2 for 1 kyacking It was a good night.......

Tracy − Paihia

today: 16th April 2020
...PaihiaBBH backpacker Mayfair Lodge, share room() NZ22, duvetNZ2, duvetbackpacker, .....

easter break yang best 8 14 april 2007

over a year ago: 3rd April 2007
...more to come.. ill add the remaining pictures under a new entry soon : D Day 1: Auckland Kawakawa (Quad Biking) Paihia (Mack Attack) Kaitaia (backpacker......



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