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Bay of Islands − paradise in NZ

over a year ago: 13th April 2008
...Jump off a boat onto an island in the exotic Bay of Islands in the Far North of New Zealand and you could be forgiven for daydreaming for a while. The haunt of past adventurers like Zane Grey, theres plenty of islands (a few hundred)......

New Zealand: Northland

today: 8th June 2020
...My first stop was the Bay of Islands. A beautiful spot, but with a rough history. In the early 1800s the largest European town in New Zealand sat on its edge; thanks to the many whalers and adventurers who passed through,.....

Nov 5th :Northland Exposure − Bay of Islands (Day 1)

over a year ago: 15th December 2007
...(Tip: if you travel via FULLERs then there is a possibility that your trip to RUSSEL would be complementary) 5.30 PM − Return to YHA (Bay adventurers) One of the most essential elements for any back packers are the youth hostels which......

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Bay Of Adventurers in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand