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Road trip with myself, Nicola Christine

over a year ago: 12th January 2008
...From here we continued northwards to Russell in the Bay of Islands. There was a quick visit to Bland Bay, which isnt particularly bland as me and Nicola strolled past a selection of sand cars, mermaids and castles however the lack of......

Bay of Islands and an April fools adventure

over a year ago: 2nd April 2008
...Janes parents (Jane is one of the directors of Arcadia New Zealand, my program) live on Bland Bay, this great (warm) beach with all these dark black rock islands off in the middle of the bay. We were all split up into these tiny......

Tsunami Warning For Northland Voxy

today: 29th September 2020
...Tsunami Warning For NorthlandNorthlanders in low lying east coast areas are being warned to adopt a precautionary approach and stay off beaches as a tsunami of as yet unknown height reportedly heads towards New Zealand Bay Of Islands − Waitangi, Paihia, Opua, Russell. Bland Bay. Oakura. Matapouri. Whangarei east ...

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Bland Bay Phptos in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand