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casting call in the bay of islands

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Russell Museum

(cultural attractions in russell)
Russell Museum activities cultural-attractions photo The Russell Museum tells the story of the development of Russell / Kororareka, from a small Maori fishing village, to a port of call for visiting ships and todays tourist town. Among the museum collections is a one fifth scale model of Captain Cooks Endeavour, Maori taonga including a smal…

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Zoe Kellman Blog Archive Sailing in a Leaking Yacht on the..

today: 18th May 2020
...We are loading our personal stuff onto the yacht, its a beautiful day and we are about to set off on a trip of a lifetime 1100 nautical miles across the ditch to New Zealand. The skipper has spent the last two months.. The plan was to meet my wife Regine in NZ and check out the Bay of Islands in the yacht. We are about...

NZ On Tour With Short Excursions 4 new ports of call for 176,000 cruise passengers − e Travel Blackboard

over a year ago: 24th August 2011
...Travel agents can now book their clients on cruise tours for the popular New Zealand ports of Napier, Christchurch, Akaroa and Bay of Islands. Tour programs are also established for Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. The cruising industry in NZ has grown.....

Auckland Prepares for a New Queen − Scoop

over a year ago: 16th February 2011
...Midway through her 103 night maiden world voyage, Queen Elizabeth will call at the Bay of Islands today before arriving in Auckland.. was delighted that Queen Elizabeth would call at three New Zealand ports on her maiden world voyage....

New Zealand − Day 3

over a year ago: 7th March 2006
...I guess they dont call it Romantic Russell for nothing. We set up camp at the Russell Top 10 Holiday Park, as the national park camping spots were a little tougher to get to (for example we could have either dropped our car off......

back from honeymoon

today: 30th May 2020
...fuzzyben and i to kerikeri, staying at swallow cottage (heh) owned by the marvellous pagoda lodge. they call it secluded, but it was more isolated than anything − so isolated they dont bother with locks on the doors.....

Adventure in the Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 7th May 2008
...Sunday morning began with a quick video call with Carrie, Charles, and Avery on Skype and then the 4 of us piled into the car with our stuff for a four day adventure to the Northland of New Zealand. Our first stop was at the Parry Kauri Park where we took a short walk through the woods and saw a HUG......


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Casting Call in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand