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Hawaii − The Big Island

over a year ago: 4th April 2007
...stuck in traffic all the time and a normal 30min journey in the UK takes 1hr 30 in Hawaii. Not joking They really need to get cars off the road. Anway moan moan, back to New Zealand for some chocolate and to see the Bay of Islands.......

On the water again Leonards on tour

today: 19th December 2020
...they really did ply us with chocolate both before and during the tour.. We are now feeling a bit happier about it all and will spend some time in Wellington, Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Mount Maunganui, Bay of Islands and down to Auckland. In the afternoon, we went out on a boat trip to see the seals and.....

Get the Southern Creations Basket is Full of Chocolates and..

today: 7th October 2020
...Welcome to Makana Confections secure.makana We proudly produce some of New Zealands finest confections at our two boutique chocolate factories in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands and along the Marlborough wine trail near Blenheim...

Auckland for the 4th and final time

over a year ago: 9th April 2007
...Maz and I are back from Paihia and are trying out our 4th hostel in Auckland, because variety is the spice of life, as we all know. We had an uneventful and rainy last magic bus trip down today. I irritated Maz and ate chocolate,......

Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 5th February 2007
...In the afternoon we drove over to Kerikeri, first stop the Makana Confections factory − free samples of chocolate and brittle − delicious and extremely tempting. Just the other side of Kerikeri is the Mission House and Stone Store,......


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