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Oldest Church, Newest Technology

today: 28th November 2020
...Visitors to the Bay of Islands are now offered a digital tour of New Zealands oldest churchyard at Christ Church in Russell....

New Zealand from Christs Church to the Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 27th January 2008
...I just recently returned from a week long journey from New Zealand. We flew into Christ Church on the South Island then drove from there to the very tip of the North Island, called the Bay of Islands. it was absolutely gorgeous and so......

This Old Church − Christ Church − Russell, New Zealand

today: 31st August 2020 in the Bay of Islands when.. The first was to announce the extension of the boundaries of New South Wales to include the islands of...



This Old Church − Christ Churc…


View from the church…/218778284

Wellington − New Zealand − The……/222955738

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