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Michael Linton on Community Way (video) : Main Street Cash

today: 10th June 2020
...e Circle Create Your Own Currency Depression Scrip Devizes Pound Dibits (Seattle) Featured Fourth Corner Exchange.. MV greenback , negative interest, NESTA, new haven, new zealand, north carolina, Ohio Republic, ojai bucks, Ojai economy group, ojai valley, open currency, open source, open source currency, opensourcecur...

BOIDOL, Bay of Islands Dollar, New Zealand being discussed Main..

today: 27th May 2020
...Following the example set in Wairarapa, WAIS, Bay of Islands is now looking at the possibility of a local currency....

Divers Delight Package − Lupton Lodge

today: 10th September 2020
...To convert New Zealand Dollars (NZD) into your local currency click here. For Bookings or.. An easy 2 hour drive north of Auckland and less than 1 hour from the Bay of Islands makes Lupton Lodge an ideal location for a short break away....

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