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Paihia Dive

(diving in paihia)
Paihia Dive activities diving photo Paihia Dive offers the best of the area underwater Looking for something spectacularly different Unusual mixes of tropical and temperate fish, animal, plant and bird life Amazing bottom topograhy Historic, internationally controversial and stunningly beautiful wreck diving Long, white isla…



...oubtedly known, there is diving that Jacques Cousteau rated as amongst the very best in the world, with an abundance of marine wildlife including Manta Rays and Killer Whales. There are over one hundred fine dive sites around the Bay area, with corals, rocky coastlines, and wrecks to explore. catch your dinner or...

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Diving WWI shipwreck Port Kembla in NZ

today: 4th May 2020
...After a fantastic weekend diving the wreck of the ex HMNZS Canterbury up in the Bay of Islands, I thought members might like this video, showing what happens when you take your technical and wreck diving to a whole other level The video is a Campbell Live segment on diving the Port Kembla, a 4,500.....

Diving in New Zealand

today: 19th October 2020
...Found near Auckland as well, the Bay of Islands is an excellent New Zealand diving destination. Octopus, bottlenose dolphins, and marlin are just some of the marine life that teems in the Bay of Islands waters...

Sailing, diving, touring in NZ in Feb − ScubaBoard

today: 6th November 2020
...y of Islands. If I have time, I wouldnt mind heading South to see the fjords and glaciers. That does not leave a lot of time for diving unless I mix it in with the other activities. Would it be practical to dive while sailing By that I mean, could I sail to places where i could hook up with a dive.....

Deep Sea Diving Info Bog: Update: Diving New Zealand

today: 31st March 2020
...New Zealand Tel: 64 9 424 8513. Fax: 64 9 424 8540. E mail: infodivehqhc. Trips to the Rainbow Warrier and HMNZS Canterbury. Paihia Dive Williams Road PO Box 29. Paihia 0247. Bay of Islands Free Phone 0800 107 551(24 Hours).....

Good dive club and easy diving in Auckland

today: 12th May 2020
...If you want to dive the Warrior I suggest Paihia Dive, Paihia, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Northland, Diving in New Zealand − Paihia Dive: The Underwater Experts Craig will be able to sort out any diving you require around the Bay of Islands area.....

Auckland Northlands Diving

today: 4th July 2020
...Then I run trips in the Bay of Islands to the Canterbury wreck(as does Northland Dive) and the Rainbow Warrior. Paihia Dive, Paihia, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Northland, Diving in New Zealand − Paihia Dive: The Underwater Experts.....



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Diving | Bay of Islands |
Diving in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand The local area is famous for its underwater beauty. The grandfather of the sport, Jacques Cousteau, rated it as in the top 10 dive destinations in the world - go for a dive here and find out why.You can also dive the Rainbow Warrior - the infamous...