Bay of Islands, New Zealand
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dog friendly camp site in the bay of islands

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Top 10 Holiday Park

(campsites in russell) default listing image Located in central Russell, Russell TOP 10 Holiday Park offers a fantastic range of accommodation within easy walking distance to great restaurants, heritage buildings, walks, beaches and cruise departures.Whether you are looking for a secluded self contained Park Motel with stunning sea v…




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...We always appreciate links to us from other interesting websites - you can use the images and code shown here on your site. Usually you can just copy the section of code straight into your web-page. If you're not sure what to do, you can email us the the webpage you'd like to add our link to, and we'll put it in ...


... ALMOST ninety years ago an adventurer who was also one of the world's most popular authors rounded the headland of Cape Brett in what has been termed "the edge of the world", dolphins leaping through the crystal bow wave as he sailed past fabulous tropical islands. Zane Grey, whose tales of the Wild West have captiv...

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Me, Myself and You: New Zealand Adventures

today: 14th November 2020
...In the end we got a partial refund, but not all was lost. For a lunch we stopped on a secluded island, that as it turns out you can camp on. So in the event I ever head back to New Zealands Bay of Islands I will camp out here...

friendly faces

today: 24th November 2020
...Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Nov 23, 2008. Hey folks, so .I havent updated you all in a while and have some stuff to tell you...

WAIPU − RUBBER NECK CORNER SITE − 320000 GST Land Homes Farms..

today: 1st February 2020
...Land Homes Farms for Sale Northland New Zealand goodGround Real Estate. Our friendly, experienced real estate agents will help you sell or buy your home or land as when you would like some spare cash or build your home and place the business on the other. The land is completely flat and is connected to the town water s...

Some Friendly Hostel Reviews (North Island)

over a year ago: 20th January 2008
...Mousetrap Backpackers, Paihia. Moderately sized backpackers, lives up to its name with its winding halls and tucked away dorms. Clean and not for partiers, but is directly across the street from bars that are quite popular with......

CHRISTY PRIOR Underground Skate snow camp Done and dusted..

today: 22nd July 2020
...Big thanks to Dave and Catherine Kiwiana Tours They supplied the bus and did a great job. If your looking to get to Mt Ruapehu they offer an incredible deal only 119 for return Transport from Auckland to National Park...

Auckland Once

over a year ago: 1st October 2005
...I have a room reserved at the Casa Bella Motel (a Best Western property) in Paihia. I will use a prepay card for two nights a courtesy from Best Western for having screwed up a reservation last summer. The web site picture looks nice.......


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Dog Friendly Camp Site in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand