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dolphin watch hole in rock in the bay of islands

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The Rock Overnight Cruise

(cruises & tours in paihia)
The Rock Overnight Cruise activities cruises-n-tours photo Come and cruise the bay, staying overnight on The RockNZ $238 gets you all this: 22 hours cruising, exploring, dining lots of activities, aboard a big stable vessel:* BBQ buffet dinner, continental breakfast a packed lunch* Dolphins, penguins, rare sea birds, shoaling fish are seen in a…

Dolphin Discoveries − Explore Nz

(cruises & tours in paihia)
Dolphin Discoveries − Explore Nz activities cruises-n-tours photo Swim with the Dolphins Dolphin Eco AdventureLive a lifelong dream, swim alongside dolphins in their world and see these beautiful marine mammals right up close. Join us for the ultimate dolphin eco adventure. With the warmest water in New Zealand and the friendliest dolphin species (Bottle…

Discover The Bay − Explore Nz

(cruises & tours in paihia)
Discover The Bay - Explore Nz activities cruises-n-tours photo Discover the Bay − Hole in the Rock Cruise Discover what the Bay of Islands is really all about. The Bay boasts some of the most spectacular ecosystems and has become renowned as a world class playground, this cruise is an experience like no other.View the iconic Hole in the Rock, me…

Kings Boats

(cruises & tours in paihia)
Kings Boats activities cruises-n-tours photo Swimming with dolphins is an amazing experience and where better than in the Bay of Islands. Get close to these wonderful creatures by swimming or simply watching from on board the boat. Dolphin watching includes seeing bottlenose and common dolphins and often other marine life such as sea…

Mack Attack

(cruises & tours in paihia)
Mack Attack activities cruises-n-tours photo Take an exhilarating hour trip through the Bay of Islands on Mack Attack the fastest, most spectacular way to see the famous Hole in the Rock.Enjoy the thrill of travelling at speeds of up to 100kms, and the informative commentary of your skipper. Stop for photo and video opportunities and…

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... ALMOST ninety years ago an adventurer who was also one of the world's most popular authors rounded the headland of Cape Brett in what has been termed "the edge of the world", dolphins leaping through the crystal bow wave as he sailed past fabulous tropical islands. Zane Grey, whose tales of the Wild West have captiv...

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Dolphin Bay of Islands, New Zealand Daily Photo

today: 20th July 2020
...While I was in the Bay of Islands I took a cruise to the Hole in the Rock with Dolphin Discoveries. They see dolphins on 96 of their cruises and this one was no exception. As it was winter we did not have any volunteers willing to brave the chilly water and swim with the [ ]...

Goway Driver Goes Free Offer

over a year ago: 5th August 2007
...Kelly Tarltons Antarctic Encounter in Auckland; Fullers activities in the Bay of Islands which includes: Cape Brett Hole in the Rock Cruise, Super Cruise including Hole in the Rock, Cape Reinga Wanderer and Dolphin Adventure;......

Sky diving through the Hole in the Rock − ONE News

today: 18th January 2020
...There has been a dramatic attempt on a new skydiving record on Tuesday as a daredevil tried to parachute through the famous Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands. Hungarian.. Skydiving says this is a huge thing for New Zealand. As far as.....

Amazing Discounts Affordable Campervan Hire NZ

today: 4th July 2020
...Cruise through the sheltered waters of the Bay of Islands with Awesome NZ towards Cape Brett Lighthouse, before arriving at the majestic Hole in the Rock on Fullers purpose built Whale and Dolphin catamaran, Dolphin Seeker...

Bay of Islands − Hole in the Rock

over a year ago: 1st February 2007
...We opted for a long drive up to Bay of Islands. We stayed in Bay Cabinz in Paihia in a fabulous and compact little cabin. After unpacking we went in search of the beach − not too hard to find and spent a lovely afternoon relaxing with......

photo album: nz march 2006

today: 1st July 2020 march 2006. dolphin swim yacht, paihia, married couple in paihia, appledore lodge. hole in the rock, the rocket, waterfall, opononi. opononi1, penguins. more photos...



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Dolphin Watch Hole In Rock | Bay of Islands |
Dolphin Watch Hole In Rock in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand