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Bay Of Islands Cottages

(bed & breakfast in russell)
Bay Of Islands Cottages accommodation bed-n-breakfast photo Bay of Islands Cottages is hidden away and quiet, by the beach and bush, with ponga ferns and flowers all around. Watch the calm Bay waters in the light sea breeze as you enjoy our special cooked breakfast.We have a rowboat, go fishing and swimming. Our beds are firm and our sheets pure co…

Bay Of Islands Resort

(motels in paihia) default listing image A mix of old new facilities − targeting both the FAMILY market the Tourist, we enjoy this lively holiday town of Paihia, situated in the middle of the Bay of Islands.

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...The Bay of Islands is sometimes known as 'The Winterless North' - although that's a bit tongue-in-cheek it is true that the weather in this part of Northland is usually mild in the winter and hot in the summer. The weather is one reason why the Bay is a popular destination for outdoors activities and families looking f...

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Wait and see approach to domestic operations − Scoop (press release)

over a year ago: 5th April 2008
...Wait and see approach to domestic operationsScoop (press release), New Zealand − Apr 1, 2008We would add seasonal services during the winter months to Wanaka from Auckland and during the summer months to the Bay of Islands from Christchurch.......

Off to New Zealand .

today: 15th January 2020
...We left the hostel planning on getting a SIM card for the cell phone so we could plan a bus trip up to the Bay of Islands for three nights until things die down in Auckland. We bought a SIM card, put it in our Aussie phone thinking it.....

Engraving, Maori Tribesmen, New Zealand. 1842. − 62.00

over a year ago: 14th July 2008
...Book plate engraving titled Costumes des Habitans de La Baie des Isles, New Zealand (Costumes or Dress of the inhabitants of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand). From the Nouvelle Bibliotheque des Voyages − Cooks voyages, Book 2,......

More Hardings Hatching or How the Right Wing Screwed up Our Language

over a year ago: 18th April 2008
...The proposal this week by Senator Russell D. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, to censure Mr. Bush over his domestic eavesdropping program cheered the left. But it also dovetailed with conservatives plans to harness such attacks to......

Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 5th February 2007
...Bay of Islands cruise with Fullers (75pp but you get a 10 discount if you book two of their tours, which we did). We were collected by a mini bus which was great, because parking in Paihia, all day, can be a bit of an issue.......

Kia ora

over a year ago: 19th April 2008
...My Northern trip seems to be going far too quickly so I decided to book a bus trip up to The Bay of Islands for a few days. This is seperate to my Kiwi Experiance one. Went out clubbing with a few people from my hostel last night,......



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Domestic Phone Book Bay Of Islands in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand