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Tourist boat docked after passengers injured − New Zealand Herald

over a year ago: 7th April 2011
...Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has launched an inquiry into the Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands vessel Excitor III − a 300 horsepower boat that takes tourists on an high speed trip through the bay. An MNZ spokeswoman said the Excitor III had been banned.....

Discover The Bay Excitor Cruise

today: 24th May 2020
...Tour Itinerary This fantastic tour takes you across the Auckland Harbour Bridge, north via the Hibiscus Coast to the beautiful Bay of Islands a haven for people who enjoy sea activities and the beauty of un crowded sandy beaches and native forests. Arrive in Paihia and visit the historic Waitangi.....

Bay of Islands journal: Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 30th January 2008
...The Excitor. a entry by Marcus Chris from a trip to Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Our next stop was the Bay of islands. After leaving the city and the bad weather we travelled north to the coast and hoped for sun and sea,......

Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 1st April 2007
...We got to our hostel, pipi patch. We had booked an excursion for the day the EXCITOR think the beast in NY but only better We had to put on these ridiculous rain suits but we were so cold, we were more than happy to......

the Kiwi experience Begins

over a year ago: 31st March 2008
...Crazy Stopped a couple of times then got to Pahia in the bay of islands at about midday Checked in to hostel the Pipi patch then went for lunch with Celia, then it was time for the excitor jet boat ride which was fab......


over a year ago: 28th December 2007
...Whangarei waterfall and boardwalk. Flying kiwi parasail Excitor jet boat. Met Lydia, Sean, Debra (Deborah), Claire and Riley. Fucking awesome. But I am so pissed off that I dont have the time to do the tall ship sailing session AND that this is a mac Oh well, down to Kawhia next :)......



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