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february temperature in the bay of islands

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(retreats in russell)
Beachside accommodation retreats photo Enjoy the quiet tranquility with exceptional views of the wharf and the colorful Russell anchorage across the bay, at the Beachside, a private, distinctly attractive, waterfront house. It is a well appointed residence serviced throughout to a very high standard, without inconveniencing the…



... ALMOST ninety years ago an adventurer who was also one of the world's most popular authors rounded the headland of Cape Brett in what has been termed "the edge of the world", dolphins leaping through the crystal bow wave as he sailed past fabulous tropical islands. Zane Grey, whose tales of the Wild West have captiv...

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Auckland And Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

over a year ago: 10th May 2008
...I was terrified when we were told on the plane that the temperature was around 15 degrees and it was raining in Auckland. For just over two weeks we had been lucky if the temperature dropped below 28......

Winter wonderland − Stuff

over a year ago: 18th August 2011
...Many state highways around New Zealand are this morning closed.. Yesterday, the warmest temperature was recorded in the Bay of Islands, where the mercury topped 12 degrees Celsius. The lowest daytime temperature was at Lake Rotoiti at St Arnaud, where.....

Round the World in 85 Days: Coromandel Peninsula 17th February..

today: 17th February 2020
...Auckland City Monday 14 February Weekend Sailing in Auckland Sunday 13 February Weekend Sailing in Auckland Saturday 12 Februar Russell, Bay of Islands Trip along Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga First Days in New Zealand.....

February 4th Auckland to Kerikeri

today: 3rd February 2020
...Were now in Kerikeri at the Kauri Park Motel. Our room is on the opposite side to last visit. Theyve added a pool and two additional rooms. Its family run, and theyre very polite and helpful. The only down side is not much space to.....

Kerikeri to Hamilton: February 7, 2010

today: 6th February 2020
...It started early in the morning when we left the Kauri Park Motel, heading for the Kerikeri weekly farmers market. We expected it to be open by 7:30, but the sign said 8:30. Not to worry though, most of the stalls had already been set.....

Back in Auckland for Saturday February 10th After

over a year ago: 9th February 2007
...Snorkelled the next day off of Urupukapuka Island − Zane Greys old Marlin fishing base camp. No porpises for me. Did some hikes to see old Maori sites there. Earthenworks defenses remain. Stopped off at Russell on the way back − an old......


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February Temperature | Bay of Islands |
February Temperature in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand