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Dawn Treader Filming Locations Announced in New Zealand − Narnia Web

over a year ago: 28th December 2007
...Dawn Treader Filming Locations Announced in New ZealandNarnia Web − 4 hours agoDirected by Michael Apted, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is 60 percent sets in New Zealand. The Bay of Islands, Coromandel,......

Theres no place like home

over a year ago: 12th December 2007
...We got up early and took a four hour bus ride north to the Bay of Islands and paid half price to ride The Excitor, which was everything but. It was half off since they were filming a safety video, which of course I starred in.......

You Will Be Forever Web Magazine: Outlander Spoiler

today: 17th May 2020
...[6] Filming was also done at the Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, which was found by a production designer who looked at photos of Newfoundlands west coast after rejecting scouted locations New Zealand and British Columbia...


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