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Russells A List wedding

over a year ago: 6th April 2007
...Newstalk ZB − A taste of the rich and famous today for Bay of Islands residents when a wedding brought some A list celebrities to New Zealand shores. London based New Zealand actress Francesca Guise married Brit Alexander Tandi Nill. The wedding ceremony was held......

Francesca Henk Jans Backpacking Trip: Going to Cape Reinga

today: 2nd July 2020
...We had to wake up at 6:15 am because our Dune Riders tour (included in the price of the Patch Trip to the Bay of Islands) bus was supposed to pick us up around 7:00 am. We were out there on time, but the bus was 20 minutes late. Later, we found out that the two.. Lucky, our tour guide, explained to us that New Zealand ...

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Francesca Nill in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand