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Gungha Cruises

(day sailing in paihia)
Gungha Cruises activities day-sailing photo Mike and Debbie have sailed throughout the Pacific, travelling over 50,000 miles in 15 years. Come day sailing with us in the Bay of Islands or meet up with us in a tropical paradise (or both) October thru May − Bay of Islands June thru September − Tonga, Fiji, and beyond GUNGH…

undine sunset cruises

(day sailing in paihia) default listing image Enjoy the majesty of a classic under sail and appreciate the stunning beauty of the Bay at sunset. Undine was locally built in 1887 by the Fuller brothers and has been lovingly restored by current owner, Pete Richards.

Paihia Dive

(diving in paihia)
Paihia Dive activities diving photo Paihia Dive offers the best of the area underwater Looking for something spectacularly different Unusual mixes of tropical and temperate fish, animal, plant and bird life Amazing bottom topograhy Historic, internationally controversial and stunningly beautiful wreck diving Long, white isla…



...The Bay of Islands is sometimes known as 'The Winterless North' - although that's a bit tongue-in-cheek it is true that the weather in this part of Northland is usually mild in the winter and hot in the summer. The weather is one reason why the Bay is a popular destination for outdoors activities and families looking f...

Google Earth

...Google Earth is a pretty cool way to check out the world. It's a program which you can download for free from google, and it accesses a huge amount of info live via your internet connection. You can spin around the world, check out your favorite holiday spots, and see local photos and websites. It shows you satellite v...


... ALMOST ninety years ago an adventurer who was also one of the world's most popular authors rounded the headland of Cape Brett in what has been termed "the edge of the world", dolphins leaping through the crystal bow wave as he sailed past fabulous tropical islands. Zane Grey, whose tales of the Wild West have captiv...

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Rincess Cruises

over a year ago: 27th May 2008
...Princess Cruises Coral Princess Cruises has released its 200809 New Zealand Adventure cruises brochure, featuring a five night Bay of Islands cruise and a 12 night New Zealand Discovery cruise. The five night Bay of Islands cruise......

Roumbanis Cruises To Victory In Bassmaster American

over a year ago: 2nd May 2007
...Source: cat to offer Bay of Islands cruises − New Zealand cat to offer Bay of Islands cruisesNew Zealand Herald, New Zealand − 11 hours agoA new 10 million ship based at Opua is expected......

Luxury cruises on offer in New Zealand − The Spain Forums

today: 8th September 2020
...Purpose built in Australia, the 46 metre, five storey ship will specialise in operating overnight cruises in the Bay of Islands, which is located close to the northern tip of New Zealand. Ipipiri represents the culmination of a.....

Bay Of Islands NZ Tours and Cruises

over a year ago: 5th October 2006
...InterCity Group, which provides New Zealands largest national tourism and transport infrastructure through its InterCity and Newmans services, has purchased Kings Dolphin Cruises and Tours in Paihia effective from 1 October 2006.......

Boost to Northland Tourism With 10 Mil Small Ship

over a year ago: 30th April 2007
...Scoop − InterCity and Newmans coaches operates up to 600 seats a day between Auckland and the Bay of Islands in summer and will provide transport to and from Auckland for the cruises. Johns says the small ship cruises will suit both independent and group......

North Island, NZ (the end of the world)

over a year ago: 6th March 2007
...Anyway, in Paihia we choose not to do one of the over priced dolphin swimming or cruises around the bays, but instead drove around the edges of the mainland taking photos and relaxing. The next day we went to Waiora Valley Adventure......



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Paihia and the Top of NZ

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Paihia The Bay of Islands


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