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Boutique New Zealand

over a year ago: 20th December 2007
...On the Essential North Island discover the beautiful Bay of Islands and cosmopolitan City of Sails as well as the amazing geysers and geology of Rotorua. The North Island is truly a feast for the travelers senses.......

Hms Beagle Captain

over a year ago: 17th April 2008
...Darwins visit to the Bay of Islands on HMS Beagle was brief and unspectacular from his viewpoint. The Beagles captain, Robert FitzRoy, would later serve as Governor of New Zealand. Captain DS Journal of researches into the geology......

New boiling hot springs near Christchurch NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND..

today: 16th March 2020
...New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 1994, Vol. 37: 181 193 L. J. BROWN, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd., Lower Hutt, New Zealand J. H. WEEBER, Canterbury Regional Council, Christchurch, New Zealand Select Category, Activism, Aluminium, Barium, Bay of Islands, Censorship, Clifford Carnicom, ...

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Geology in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand