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Shades of Grey Exhibition Weekend and Short Breaks

today: 19th September 2020
...Shades of Grey is an exhibition about the life and legacy of Sir George Grey, Governor of New Zealand and founding donor of the Sir George Grey Special Collections. The exhibition includes treasures such as letters from David Livingstone and a 15th century.. Bay of Island, Bay of Islands, Bay of Islands Accommodation, ...


over a year ago: 6th August 2007
...We took possession of New Zealand in the name of George III and sail on to the Hauraki Gulf on the 15th of November.On 29 November, trading with the Maori turned into fights as we sailed around the Bay of Islands.......

On a trip down memory lane in Mums old Chev

over a year ago: 28th February 2007
...New Zealand Herald : − She was one of the first Dalmatians born in New Zealand and my father came out when he was about 17. George said that Anne − one the patients − recalled making long trips in the car − to the Waitangi Day celebrations in the Bay of Islands and......



Side view of the old George Pe……2695723354

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George Stumpf in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand