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VOLLEYBALL − Bay team shines in marathon matches

over a year ago: 2nd May 2007
...Bay of Islands College senior girls team got to mix it with the top teams in the country at the New Zealand Seconda......

Outpouring of generosity − Stuff

over a year ago: 5th March 2011
...The deadliest natural disaster that New Zealand has suffered in 80 years has triggered.. are planned at Kawakawa Primary, Northland College and Bay of Islands College where some students wanted to donate blood. Young people in our school are very.....

College combo wows jazz festival − Auckland stuff

over a year ago: 26th September 2008
...College combo wows jazz festivalAuckland stuff, New Zealand − Sep 23, 2008By WILLIAM MACE − Papakura Courier Wednesday, 24 September 2008 GOOD TIMES: The Strathallan Jazz Band perform at the Bay of Islands Jazz Festival,......

Working girls (not the dirty type)

today: 25th May 2020
...Basically when we arrived here at Pagoda Lodge in Kerikeri we were offered 1 days work for 2 free nights. We decided to work 4 days for 8 nights which amounts to saving approximately 120, not including all the petrol we would have used.....

New Zealand

over a year ago: 4th April 2007
...I bumped into one of the girls I knew from the Bay of Islands. So we caught up on the Magic bus, which picked us up at the terminal, and took us to Nelson. Its a hop on, hop off coach, that takes you around the Island.......

Auckland, New Zealand

today: 13th April 2020
...Then i joined the Stray bus my transport for the next month up north to the Bay of islands. Its really pretty up here but the weather wasnt to good for my 2 days. The first day me and a few other girls when on a 2 hr walk up to a look.....



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