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Gungha Cruises

(day sailing in paihia)
Gungha Cruises activities day-sailing photo Mike and Debbie have sailed throughout the Pacific, travelling over 50,000 miles in 15 years. Come day sailing with us in the Bay of Islands or meet up with us in a tropical paradise (or both) October thru May − Bay of Islands June thru September − Tonga, Fiji, and beyond GUNGH…

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Beth Captains Gungha II

over a year ago: 5th April 2007
...[ Beth Captains Gungha II] Beth takes the wheel of the Gungha II in Bay of Islands − New Zealand......

Christmas Travels Part 2

over a year ago: 4th February 2008
...This morning we headed out to go sailing in the Bay of Islands on the Gungha II. We choose a tour that was run by a Canadian couple. They have been in NZ for many years but have spent much of their lives sailing around the world with......

Bay of Islands sailing

over a year ago: 24th December 2007
...A day of sailing with captain Mike on the Gungha II just before Christmas. Author: TineJohan Keywords: Bay of Islands New Zealand North Island sailing Christmas Added: December 23, 2007.......


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