Bay of Islands, New Zealand
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hang gliding in the bay of islands


Google Earth

...Google Earth is a pretty cool way to check out the world. It's a program which you can download for free from google, and it accesses a huge amount of info live via your internet connection. You can spin around the world, check out your favorite holiday spots, and see local photos and websites. It shows you satellite v...

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Hang on.. it is just a week before i get home

over a year ago: 3rd April 2007
...I am currently in the Bay of Islands.. North Island of New zealand. Weather is good.. not too hot.. not too cold.. My two singaporean friends have finished their tour and i have two days more before i finished my tour.......

Family hang on to hope for yachties − New Zealand Herald

over a year ago: 19th December 2007
...Family hang on to hope for yachtiesNew Zealand Herald, New Zealand − 6 hours agoBay of Islands boatie Rick Blomfield said Tahiti ketches could leak like sieves but were also hardy and dependable vessels. Mr Blomfield had sailed in the......

Dargaville to Paihia

over a year ago: 28th November 2007
...We have just spent a lovely couple of days in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Stayed in Paihia this time. dcp0049.jpg. Didnt do anything too exciting. Didnt go para gliding, or go for a trip on the Excitor or even go on a steady boat......

Skipper Cindy

over a year ago: 18th April 2007
...Well, house arrest lasted about two days. Two days to discover that I could actually spend MORE money downloading things to my laptop. So, yesterday I hopped aboard the Ghungha for a sailing tour of the Bay of Islands. Captain Mike was an excellent host who happily let the clumsy tourists man his sails and his wheel. I...


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Hang Gliding in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand