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Grieving parents see where their son died − Northern Advocate

over a year ago: 12th July 2008
...Grieving parents see where their son diedNorthern Advocate, New Zealand − Jul 10, 2008by Kristin Edge Most visitors come to the Bay of Islands for its natural beauty − but Germanys Hans and Ruth Faber came to see the place where their......

Ruth Marshs Page − New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network

today: 9th August 2020
...In Bay of Islands we also use ning and will stay with that for the reasons outlined by Mark. I dont know much about IT. However there is a wonderful organisation of amazingly talented graduates in media and design working with communi.....

Roaming Ruth: April 26

today: 26th April 2020
...March 22 − Bay of Islands − New Zealand − Regent had an event for all passengers at the Bay of Islands. This was a beautiful spot that none of us had heard of. Some passengers also took the tender to Russell which they said was charming.....

Auckland Once

over a year ago: 1st October 2005
...I have a room reserved at the Casa Bella Motel (a Best Western property) in Paihia. I will use a prepay card for two nights a courtesy from Best Western for having screwed up a reservation last summer. The web site picture looks nice.......

Kayaks open up quiet, peaceful fishing areas Standard Examiner..

today: 16th October 2020
...Accessibility and sheltered waters make Back River a wonderful place for kayakers to fish, says Ruth. The river is a breeding ground for many fish and blue crab. Factory Point is a nice beach to get out and stretch your legs. And theres the air show in the evenings when the planes return to Langley and then hearing the...


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