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Triton Suites

(motels in russell)
Triton Suites accommodation motels photo Triton Suites is in the beautiful town of Russell, nestled in the famous Bay of Islands.Experience the famous Romantic Russell theme in our four poster beds and personal two person spa bath.Established in 2003, Triton Suites is built with a combination of native timber, designer fittings, …

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Passionate People make a Difference

over a year ago: 7th August 2007
...Yesterday I drove to the Bay of Islands with Jude Thompson, Whangarei Economic Development Officer, and on the way a theme emerged which stayed with us during the day − that people who are passionate about what they are doing,......

Wonderful People 40paihiaholidayhouse

today: 7th January 2020
...Recent Posts. Wonderful People From the bush clad hills we hear birdsong Sunsets over the Bay of Islands Labour Weekend Treat Yourself New Zealand Labour Weekend SPECIAL 21,22,23,24,25 October 2010.....

Where have all the people gone

today: 28th July 2020
...Yesterday was a good day. Perhaps we should have realised that what goes up must come down but hey, it started off so well Breakfast, as weve come to expect at Lupton Lodge, was fantastic. After eating our fill we made our way to the Paihia and the Bay of Islands where we went to the Treaty Ground.....

What are the poor people doing

over a year ago: 31st January 2007
...Met de Magic bus richting Paihia in de Bay of Islands, eindelijk eens wat actie in de tent. Onderweg gestopt in Kauri en Opononi, maar hoewel ik onderweg vol blog momenten* zat, was het niets vergeleken met de avond die ik nog voor de......

Trip to Cape Reinga

over a year ago: 9th October 2006
...So on Sunday we did a trip up to Cape Reinga from Paihia with the Dune Rider people. It starts in Paihia, and first stop (after hunting around for 12 hour for some people who got lost) was the Puketi Forest to look at some massive......


over a year ago: 23rd May 2008
...Hey So, the day after my birthday we finally got on the Stray bus and drove up to Pahia or the Bay of Islands. Along the way, we stopped at Goat Island where some people went snorkeling. It was a bit cold for Terry and I though,......



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