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HMNZS Canterbury

over a year ago: 29th November 2007
...Decommissioned NZ frigate Canterbury at Opua being stripped down ahead of sinking in the Bay of Islands. Author: mjfieldakld Keywords: New Zealand Canterbury warship HMNZS Bay Islands Opua sinking frigate Added: November 28, 2007.......

Scuba divers warned to be cautious exploring HMNZS Canterbury (Cyber Diver News Network)

over a year ago: 22nd December 2007
...BAY OF ISLANDS, New Zealand : (19 Dec 2007) Authorities warned divers to be cautious when exploring the HMNZS Canterbury, a warship sunk as a scuba diving attraction in the Bay of Islands.......

Fish life colonises Canterbury wreck

over a year ago: 18th January 2008
...The ex HMNZS Canterbury was sunk in Deep Water Cove off Cape Brett in the Bay of Islands on the 3rd of November 2007. Within a week there were Blue cod patrolling the bottom as well as Snapper, Leatherjackets and a female Sandagers......

Divers Big Day Out − Kerikeri, New Zealand

today: 3rd January 2020
...Then here it is; DIVERS Big Day Out From our comfortable and stable 7m Power Cat you can dive the Rainbow Warrior, visit the Hole in the Rock, have a BBQ lunch and dive the HMNZS Canterbury − all in one BIG day out Tw...

SCUBA Diving in New Zealand

today: 18th February 2020
...Trips to the Rainbow Warrier and HMNZS Canterbury. Paihia Dive Williams Road PO Box 29. Paihia 0247. Bay of Islands Free Phone 0800 107 551(24 Hours) Ph: 64 9 402 7551. Fx: 64 9 402 7110. E mail: infodivenz.....

Much Love Monday . air supply.

today: 3rd April 2020
...This little shop was a great surprise find on our dive trip last weekend to the Rainbow Warrior and HMNZS Canterbury with Paihia Dive. The coffee was fabulous and the samples of fudge that we tried were absolutely decadent.....


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