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...Google Earth is a pretty cool way to check out the world. It's a program which you can download for free from google, and it accesses a huge amount of info live via your internet connection. You can spin around the world, check out your favorite holiday spots, and see local photos and websites. It shows you satellite v...


...sFind accommodation (eg. hostels), activities (eg. sailing trips), restaurants, shops. For each see a live bay of islands map with driving directions, a downloadable business card, photos, and an RSS feed. Browse photos, read local news as it happens, and see what travellers passing through the Bay of Islands had ...

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over a year ago: 1st May 2007
...So I lye here on the bottom bunk of my bunkbed in my hostel in The Bay Of Islands. A guy from the UK a girl from Chicago, one from Canada and another from Germa......

Fiji − New Zealand

over a year ago: 16th December 2007
...Today has been our first day in Auckland, we are beavering away trying to get ourselves sorted for christmas which we plan to spend in the Bay of Islands its peak season here so we are having to book our hostels early.......

Stray Bus

today: 13th March 2020
...Finally, the last day in Auckland. Due to a festival in town on the weekend, the hostels were booked full and we barely managed to snatch the last low budget accomodation. The good news is, tomorrow at 7:30 we are leaving with the Stray bus for the Bay of Islands. Stray is an interactive hop on hop.....


over a year ago: 6th December 2007
...Web site Saltwater Lodge, Paihia, Bay of Islands Saltwater Lodge opened in 2001. Its just a block from the beach and is in great condition. Pros: Good character; very clean; great kitchen and community room; very helpful desk staff......

Five Hostels I Have Loved − Travel Blog − World Hum

today: 20th April 2020
...1) Pipi Patch Lodge, Paihia, New Zealand. The Pipi Patch, just off the beach in New Zealands Bay of Islands, was the setting for some of my earliest, and best, hosteling memories. What sticks out Comfy, sturdy bunks, overwhelmingly.....

16607 Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 31st May 2007
...We got back to Paihia and I headed upto the Pipi patch hostel. I got checked in and reunited with my stuff, including my blankie. I then had a dip in the hostels hot tub and got chatting to the other folk staying there.......


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