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Omata Estate

(vineyards & wineries in russell)
Omata Estate bars-restaurants vineyards-n-wineries photo Omata EstateHaving collected vine stock from Spain and France, James Busby came to setup a winery in New Zealand, planting a small vineyard in 1836 near where the Omata Homestead now stands.Over 160 years later, New Zealand has developed a well earned reputation for world class wines, with…



...enowned explorer Captain James Cook gave the Bay its modern name when he stopped here in 1769 during his epic round the world voyage. Whilst anchored up at Motoroahia (Roberton Island) he met some of the local Maori tribes and was soon trading on friendly terms. Those same tribes still live in Northland. You can find o...

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Personality of the Week − James and Bronwyn Grigg

over a year ago: 6th August 2007
...The spectacular Bay of Islands is home to James and Bronwyn Grigg, co founders and producers of Lemon Z. James is an experienced winemaker and graduate of South Australias Roseworthy College, but originally hales from Canterbury.......

A New Zealand Christmas

over a year ago: 31st March 2008
...James and I flew out of HK 22 Dec, arrived NZ 23 December, had a dinner and drinks catch up with friends, then on the 24th I flew to the Bay of Islands to spend Christmas with mum and dad, and James drove down to Whangapoua to spend......

James Busby SEO Test Profile

today: 10th November 2020
...In March 1832 he was appointed to the position of British Resident of New Zealand and went to the Bay of Islands, taking with him some of the vine stock he had collected in Europe. He married Agnes Dow at Segenhoe, in the Hunter Valley,.....

Spackman Family History: Joseph Holbrook

today: 24th May 2020
...Ivie James Russell Round Valley, Milliard County Kimball Heber C. 18 Ward, G.S.L. City Littlefield Lyman O. 7 Ward G.S.L. City Littlefield Waldo Kanarra, Iron County Lyman Amasa M. Fillmore, Milliard County . Started on a visit to Willow Creek with my ...


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