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Boating Safety and Accident News

today: 9th November 2020
...One dead in boating mishap TVNZ Sat, 08 Nov 2008 11:14 PM PST One person has died in a boating mishap in the Bay of Islands. Three people were thrown into the water when a small boat capsized near Opua at about 2pm...

New Zealand Jet Boating Adventure China Travel Guide, China..

today: 18th June 2020
...nenturous identicalms of Jet Boating A pulse pounding jet boating speciarecord ise asizeyfacetenviornmalest the wwhats upte water velocityys of Canterbury is the journey tripers last salvation A journey to the Hole wisokayayinny enviornmalest the Rocokayay is an environmalest pally jetboating journey thhardout the Bay ...

Bay of Islands on the North Island

over a year ago: 8th June 2007
...the boat, and swimming right under our feet in the front. The boat was (let me think of the boating class) a double hull (I think) so it was like a pontoon boat on the bott......

In the southern hemisphere, no one can hear you blog

today: 21st March 2020
...After a couple days in NZ sprawl, I caught a Stray bus north to Paihia in the Bay of Islands. I spent a week up there, hiking, sand boarding, boating, eating pies, and brushing up on my beer pong skills. I saw whales, waterfalls, cows,.....


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