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Mousetrap accommodation backpackers photo The Mousetrap backpackers hostel is situated in Paihia, the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.Paihia is the ideal location to base yourself while exploring the magnificent bays, beaches or any one of the 144 islands.A few days spent here gives you the chance to experience the natural beauty the …

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Kayaking in New Zealand

today: 17th June 2020
...The Bay of Islands is a perfect destination kayaking, kayakers like to enjoy some of the toughest of peninsulas, idyllic beaches and pristine islands. The most popular places in the Bay of Islands marine reserves include Scenic,.....

Kayaking in New Zealand

today: 14th April 2020
...After cruising with us a little . they dived and were off again. There are literally dozens of lovely kayaks in Northland. Paihia in the Bay of Islands has kayaks for hire and a paddle up to. Haruru Falls is a pleasant two hours...

Andree Hurleys Blog: Kayaking Five (Plus) Countries

today: 30th April 2020
...I converted to Quicktime − ten day self supported kayak trips in Baja, a solo trip in Chile, a trip on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, a bit of Hong Kong and a bit of Canada and the Northwest...

Oh BOI (Bay of Islands − Day 4 Kayaking and Kauri Trees)

over a year ago: 4th October 2005
...I then go off to the Bay Beach Hire shop down the road where I had a half day kayaking tour booked. The young man there tells me that this is cancelled because of the weather which looks bloody perfect to me and instead of arguing the......

schuttig 2007 01 25T08:27:00

over a year ago: 5th January 2007
...OK so for my loner week i am booked for 5 nights into the PIPI PATCH () in Paihia which is like beach bar drink party people fun fun fun kayaking etc and th......

Kia Ora, Bro

over a year ago: 31st May 2007
...Went kayaking and sand boarding on the bay of islands, biking on the beach at Mercury Bay, and today sledging. The last activity I did this morning and I am knackered. It essentially involves taking a boogie board and hurling yourself......



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