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Leigh to the Bay of Islands (3)

over a year ago: 27th August 2007
...According to the guide book there are three beaches worth seeing on your trip around Northland and Pakiri beach just 11 kilometres north of Leigh was we reached the Bay of Islands was Kawakawa to see the Hunderwassers Public Toilets. You can read . More on Russell and the Bay of Islands......

Twelfth letter from New Zealand

over a year ago: 3rd May 2007
...As it happened, a couple of days after I wrote that paragraph I took a bus tour up to the Bay of Islands about four hours north of Auckland and saw the turnoff to Leigh and the coastal beaches, so now I know exactly where it is.......

Back in Auckland

over a year ago: 16th January 2008
...after a wonderful week in the Northland of New Zealand. Graham and I drove up through Leigh, Goat Island, Whangarei, Paihia, Opononi and back. We stayed in Paihia and took a two day cruise in the bay of Islands with a boat called the......

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Leigh in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand