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Mack Attack

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Mack Attack activities cruises-n-tours photo Take an exhilarating hour trip through the Bay of Islands on Mack Attack the fastest, most spectacular way to see the famous Hole in the Rock.Enjoy the thrill of travelling at speeds of up to 100kms, and the informative commentary of your skipper. Stop for photo and video opportunities and…

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Mack Attack ride leaves woman with broken spine − New Zealand Herald

over a year ago: 20th April 2011
...Cathy Cooke rode horses and helped manage a farm before a trip on the Bay of Islands tourist boat Mack Attack broke.. her seat and the accident is being investigated by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ). Mack Attack director Richard Prentice said passenger.....

Second man admits attack on Dutch honeymooners

over a year ago: 21st April 2007
...New Zealand Herald : A second man charged with a horror attack on a honeymooning Dutch couple in the Bay of Islands has admitted his part in the incident.Christopher Mana Manuel, 27, had been facing 12 joint charges, including two of aggravated robbery......

Men jailed for sadistic attack on Dutch honeymooners (The New Zealand Herald)

over a year ago: 7th December 2007
...The career criminal who masterminded a cruel, sadistic attack on a honeymooning Dutch couple in the Bay of Islands last year will spend at least the next 10 years in jail.......

Bay of Islands − Mack Attack Jet Boat

over a year ago: 25th December 2007
...Well, with a hangover from the previous night (due to gate crashing a party) we made our way to the harbour to start our Mack Attack boat tour. It was mad The swell was at least 5 − 8 metres in places and we were taken through the......

Mack Attack (Feb. 10 11th)

over a year ago: 9th February 2007
...ferry over to the little old town of Russell today. The first hotelbar built in New Zealand was there and that was where we all ate lunch. It seems as though the sun is always shining in Russell, even when the weathers bad in Paihia.......

Away at Auckland

over a year ago: 8th February 2007
...We went on our first trip to the Bay of Islands. We left bright and early Thursday morning for a four hour bus ride up north. When we got there we checked into our Hostel and then headed to the water for the Mack Attack.......



Attack on German tourists (NZC…


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