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Bay of Islands Sailing Week − Day 3 − Sail World

over a year ago: 28th January 2008
...Bay of Islands Sailing Week − Day 3Sail World, Australia − 53 minutes agoThis was won by the British Navy Crew sailing on Manga 2 one of three Chico 40s competing in the Naval Trio Royal Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and the......

Nueva Zelanda: (1) Navegada en el LION New Zealand hasta Auckland.

over a year ago: 2nd March 2007
...Desde all partimos hacia Pahia, en Bay of Islands, al nor este de la Isla Norte, donde embarcamos durante 3 das en un velero con eslora de 80 pies y 40 de manga, y un mstil de 5 crucetas llamado LION NEW ZELAND, que compiti......

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