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Overkill: Between the Covers

today: 1st November 2020
...Monsieur Marion du Fresne lead a two ship French expedition to New Zealand in 1772, and due to a collision between the ships had a prolonged stop for repairs in the Bay of Islands. This story is based on true events and through the eyes.....

Collision by Joanna Orwin

today: 18th October 2020
...In 1772 a disastrous collision in the Southern Ocean saw French expedition leader, Monsieur Marc Joseph Marion du Fresne, bring the tall ships Marquis de Castries and Mascarin into the Bay of Islands, northern New Zealand, seeking fresh water and new spars. Through the eyes of Andre Tallec, a young.....

INDOOR BOWLS − Winning way for for new selector − Northern Advocate

over a year ago: 25th March 2008
...INDOOR BOWLS − Winning way for for new selectorNorthern Advocate, New Zealand − 12 hours agoPresidents team: Kerry Manson, Eddie McCarthy (Far North), Carol Hoult, Marion Banks, John Cree (Bay of Islands); John Love, Mike Riceman, Peter Dalton,......

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Marion Du Frense in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand