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Rural Bulletin Survey Results: Snapshot

over a year ago: 26th November 2007
...Scoop − Bulletin by email, and slightly under half were sent it by mail. A small number downloaded it from Rural Women New Zealand Moturua Island in the Bay of Islands, which has safe anchorage and swimming beaches, and is due to open in February next year;......

No rubbish barge for Bay of Islands this Summer

today: 13th December 2020
...The rubbish barge, moored off Moturua Island over previous summers, will not be in operation this summer....

Happy New Year SailBlog

today: 31st December 2020
...who came from America, Canada, Germany, Brazil , France , New Zealand , and the UK. The food was plentiful fantastic, Turkey, ham, mountains of mash and all sorts of salads and vegies Awaawaroa Bay. Leanne 12192009, 35 13.00S:174 12.04E, Moturua Island − Bay of Islands. Remote blog post test.....

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