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Copthorne Hokianga

(hotels in hokianga)
Copthorne Hokianga accommodation hotels photo Copthorne Hotel Resort Hokianga is in the heart of Hokianga harbour. Resting on the waters edge, it has charm and grandeur.Maori chieftains and the history of Maoridom are depicted through carvings, paintings and murals reflecting the creation of this place. Rolling lawns stretch to the b…



... ALMOST ninety years ago an adventurer who was also one of the world's most popular authors rounded the headland of Cape Brett in what has been termed "the edge of the world", dolphins leaping through the crystal bow wave as he sailed past fabulous tropical islands. Zane Grey, whose tales of the Wild West have captiv...

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New Zealand: Northland

today: 8th June 2020
...My first stop was the Bay of Islands. A beautiful spot, but with a rough history. In the early 1800s the largest European town in New Zealand sat on its edge; thanks to the many whalers and adventurers who passed through,.....

Nude Wedding

today: 22nd February 2020
...In 2009 The Edge, a New Zealand radio station, offered a lucky couple the chance to win the wedding of their dreams aboard a multi million dollar luxury ship in the Bay of Islands, complete with accommodation, flower, decorations, cake, dance lessons, and an all expenses paid honeymoon in Samoa. The.....

themagic cottage

over a year ago: 17th July 2008
...Holidays this week took us to the Magic Cottage on the Takou River in Northland, close to the Bay of Islands. It was truly magic set just over the waters edge and surrounded by beautiful gardens, farmland and a private beach just an......

Sailing On The Edge

over a year ago: 31st January 2007
...We spent a bay off sailing around the bay on a catamaran called On the Edge, and went kayaking and hiking when we stopped at one of the islands. Nights are spent hanging out with new friends in Paihia, at one of the 5 places that have......

The Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 7th March 2007
...The boathouse is right on the edge of the water and is a lofty, peaceful place with a view across the bay. The Bay of Islands is a beautiful, sheltered harbour surrounded by sandy beaches and coves. It is still warm here and it feels......

Bay of Islands Return

over a year ago: 31st March 2008
...Base backpacker, Pipi Patch, the world tinest swimming pool(Lonely Planet, 2004). On the Edge, the fastest commerial catamaran in New Zealand. Yes, I am here, not yet leave Phihia.How are you, alright There are couples things I would......



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