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Heading north to Cape Reinga − Cape Reinga, New Zealand

over a year ago: 11th April 2008
...From there we travelled to Ponsonby, and then decided to spend our first night in Glenda at Paiha in the Bay of Islands. The weather wasnt great. In fact, it would be safe to say that it had been pissing it down pretty much from......

Day 4 − New Zealand

over a year ago: 12th June 2008
...lia and New Zealand 2008 − Day 4 We awoke and enjoyed toast and juice and headed off to Paiha. We took a Fullers Island Dolphin Cruise through the Bay of Islands At one point, the waves were 1 meter in height and crashed against the boat Oh, the taste of salt water. Our Maori captain ran th......

My dream is true now: Paihia

today: 31st October 2020
... km nach Norden bis nach Paiha gefahren, an der Bay of Islands, es gibt hier 144 Inseln (glaube ich gelesen oder gehrt zu haben) .bay of islandsgallery.htm. bernachten kann man hier in einem Motel ab 90 Kiwi Dollars, das sind bei einem Umwechselkurs von etwa 77 Rappen.. chnuspi on tour around the world: Auckland, New Z...


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Paiha in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand