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Aboard And the road leads to . Paihai in the Bay of Islands..

today: 1st January 2020
...A place to share my adventures while I discover New Zealand and myself, and maybe the world. Hopefully through my stories, I can provide inspiration for others to do the same. Saturday, January 1, 2011. All Aboard.....

New Zealand − May 29 − June 11

over a year ago: 1st June 2007
...I caught the bus again this morning at 7:15 am for the Bay of Islands. We arrived in Paihai around 11:30 am and headed to the place that booked our activities for there to pay. I had lunch with 2 girls from my room before we headed on a......

New Zealand Trip

over a year ago: 20th December 2007
...Whanganui was the stop with the big climb up the tower and back to Auckland for dinner with Mum, Anita and Shane. Last stop of the adventure was Paihai and the Bay of Islands. For beautiful photos see my album.......

Whangarei − Paihai − Russell and Cape Regina

over a year ago: 2nd March 2007
...I loved riding along the waves − at times the Mack Attack, − what the speed boat was called took off and we were airbourne for a few seconds − it was great fun and an excellent way to explore more of the Bay of Islands.......


over a year ago: 23rd May 2008
...Paihia, New Zealand : As I will be back in auckland to fly out of NZ, I decided to get out as soon as possible, and head north, to the Bay of Islands. The Stray bus stopped of along the way for some snorkelling at the Goat......

Finally An update on my New Zealand trip

over a year ago: 1st July 2007
...Paihia. The view of the Bay of Islands as we drove into Paihai was gorgeous. That night we decided to stay in a backpackers hostel called the Mousetrap. Its like a students dream group housing. I had to take pictures of the two living......


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Paihai in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand