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Porpoise Dive take Paul on a day trip

over a year ago: 24th December 2007
...Paul is over from Australia, a PADI Dive Master, he had one day left in Paihia and desperately wanted to go for a dive in the Bay of Islands. The weather forecast was pretty terrible − but the day turned out to be a beauty......

Right to the end − Kaitia, New Zealand Travel Blog

today: 3rd August 2020 by TravelPod member paul charlotte Motel Kerigold Exclusive Chalets Kerikeri 326 Kerikeri Rd Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand 2 reviews; The Valley Healing Arts Retreat Kerikeri Hikurua Road, Matauri Bay Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand 0 reviews; Abilene Motel Kerikeri 136 Ke...

Hanwell To Oz

today: 11th July 2020
...The Bay of Islands and The Far North Who Let The Cows Out, Who, Who Who . July (2). New Zealand − JAFAs and Skytowers in Auckland Fiji − Island Hopping and Lazy Days On The Beach.....

Our Mini Break

today: 4th April 2020 a wedding held at the Copthorne Hokianga. It was a three day two night affair and thankfully Pauls sister Cathy was happy to be shopgirl for us. As you can see in the photo above, in which Paul enjoys a refreshing beverage,.....


Paul McCoy Winter.jpg…/473832262

Paul McCoy Ancient Tea.jpg…/473840323

Paul McCoy Crossing Urn 1.jpg…/473841209

Paul McCoy Crossing Urn IV.jpg…/473841757

PAul McCoy Orchid Vase I.jpg…/473839835

Paul McCoy Crossing Font.jpg…/473840787

Paul McCoy Harvest Bowl.jpg…/473842093

Paul McCoy Havest Platter.jpg…/473842433

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