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Little Blue Penguin

over a year ago: 18th June 2008
...Little Blue Penguin The Little Blue Penguin is the smallest penguin in the world and has a distinctive blue color. This one was found swimming in the ocean near Bay of Islands in northern New Zealand.......

Happy New Year From New Zealand

today: 8th January 2020
...Stayed in the lovely little bay side village of Russell, formerly known as Kororareke (Sweet Blue Penguin),. Toured around and hiked one of several islands in the Bay of Islands via a Fullers Cream Run Trip.....

Plan B − Traveling the World: Going South to North and to the NCAA..

today: 8th July 2020
...quite close to them during the trip and we would continue our.. I also did a two day roadtrip up to the Bay of Islands, on the very northern end of NZ. We got in a full day on a boat checking out some of the amazing islands that dot the end of NZ. We even got in some dolphin and penguin sightings,.....


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Penguin in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand