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Shola Gordon Wwoofing in Opua other stuff I really shouldnt..

today: 21st March 2020
...Category: New Zealand. Ive done some wwoofing in Opua (Bay of Islands). My roles were fruit picking and looking after The Twins really. Fruit picking was the easiest thing ever, but looking after those five year olds was intense...

Caught red handed

over a year ago: 4th April 2007
...Herald − Simon Lord in New Zealand tells us about his son picking up a leaflet on tandem parachute jumps at the picturesque Bay of Islands and declaring that he wanted to try it. His mother looked at the leaflet which was headed Skydive into paradise and......

I made it, let the trip begin

over a year ago: 23rd March 2008
...After picking up one of my bags at the airport my second day in NZ, we rented a van and headed up to the Northland to spend the Easter weekend at the Bay of Islands in the city of Russell. The Northland is a popular area to travel to in......

Kia Ora

over a year ago: 19th April 2008
...Just moved up further north and arrived at KeriKeri this afternoon. Will be staying here over the next 2 − 3 months as fruit picking season is starting soon. Need to save some money to bungy jump in Queenstown and explore South Island......


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Picking in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand