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Wills Travel Blog: New Zealand − North Island

today: 28th December 2020
...We checked out a few other places, The Bay of Islands, KeriKeri and then moved on from Northland. The country of course is rugby mad and you can see that in all the newspapers and radio talk shows, everywhere has flags about the rugby.....

Feast of Tamihana Te Rauparaha (May 18) SUNDRY THOUGHTS OF..

today: 5th October 2020
...Katu Te Rauparaha and another young chief, Matene Te Whiwhi o Te Rangi, already disillusioned about warfare and determined to end the fighting, decided in 1839 to go to the Bay of Islands to ask for a missionary. Given the continuing grievances between Ngati.. Octavius Hadfield had recently arrived in New Zealand and, ...

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Rangi Wills in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand