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Yachting: Keelers racing up to Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 4th January 2008
...New Zealand Herald : − For the first time, a Royal New Zealand Navy crew will compete against crews from the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Navy. All three will sail in the RNZNs Chico 40s. The first Bay of Islands Sailing Week regatta was held in January 2003 and......

Bookies taking bets on New Zealand for royal honeymoon − New Zealand Herald

today: 17th November 2020
...New Zealand has an outside chance of hosting the royal honeymoon.. He doubted they would stay in the exclusive accommodation he markets like a secret Bay of Islands resort that charges its clients up to 30,000 a night.s for the complete package.....

Royal Marines hero joins forces with Real Gap and takes to his bike.. − PR Inside

today: 21st January 2020
...a staggering 1,500 miles, the team will cycle an average of 25 miles a day, whizzing past an array of stunning sights including the Bay of Islands, Fox Glacier and Ngauruhoe volcano, featured as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings films....

A Brief History of Ships and Sailing 23: The Dark and Middle Ages..

today: 4th August 2020
...As trade grew beyond the sheltered waters of the Baltic the hulks sailing abilities proved superior. It is interesting to note the unknown derivation of the term hulk. The first naval references to hulks were Greek cargo barges designed to be . royal society, rudder, running, russell crowe, russia, russian turkish war,...


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Royal Carebbeab in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand