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Volunteering in New Zealand

over a year ago: 2nd May 2007
...I met up with Grant, the ranger in Russel, and we headed of to Russel, Bay of Islands. Since it was weekend I had 2 days to explore Russel. Far enough because Russel is only a small town and theres not much to do if youre not into......

Northland and the Bay of Islands [December 8 − 17]

over a year ago: 28th December 2007
...The oldest church in New Zealand in Russel. Russel Beach. Playing pool in the first licensed pub in all of New Zealand − the Duke of Marlborough. One last glance on Russel from sea. One of the many island, where the Bay of Islands gets......

What to do when visiting Auckland, New Zealand − Train Travel Guide

today: 18th September 2020
...The city became the second capitol of New Zealand in 1841; the previous capitol was Old Russel in the Bay of Islands, which you can still visit today. Old Russel and the Bay of Islands is a quite far away, but do not fret because the Northern.....

Paihia and Russel , NZ

over a year ago: 13th December 2007
...After 8 hours beautiful travelling with Magia bus we 19 backpackers arrived to this beautiful township some few hundred kilometers north from Auckland. I was lucky and got a very good apartment for NZD50 only at Bay Adventurer. On Tuesday I decided to study the first historic capital of NZ until 184......

Nov 5th :Northland Exposure − Bay of Islands (Day 1)

over a year ago: 15th December 2007
...(Tip: if you travel via FULLERs then there is a possibility that your trip to RUSSEL would be complementary) 5.30 PM − Return to YHA (Bay adventurers) One of the most essential elements for any back packers are the youth hostels which......

Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 29th November 2007
...Kia Ora Nun haben wir Auckland hinter uns gelassen und sind Richtung Norden mit dem Bus zur Bay of Islands losgeduest. Sitze hier gerade in einem Haus in Russel, die Besitzerin ist seit gestern abend verreist, und wir leben hier als......


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