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Taharangi Marie Lodge

(lodges in 90 mile beach)
Taharangi Marie Lodge accommodation lodges photo Taharangi Marie Lodge is a unique luxury lodge situated amongst the sand dunes of 90 Mile Beach, Northland.Your hosts, Ron Connie Adams, who have extensive knowledge of the Far North, are well versed in Maori Culture, which is part of their own heritage. They will make your stay relaxed a…



...ive, boogie board on the sand dunes, visit glow-worm caves and mountain bike to your heart's content - all in a subtropical wonderland with an average summer temperature of 24 degrees and year-round friendly locals. In fact, there's so much to see and do in the Bay of Islands (all sixteen kilometres of it!), that ...

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Travel Photo of the Day: The Sand Dunes of Cape Reinga

over a year ago: 1st May 2007
...I went through the Bay of Islands, up the East side and over. Stayed at 90 mile beach a couple of nights it really is a 90 mile long beachCape Reinga is at the top of the country and just stunning. It is where the Tasman Sea and......

Cape Reinga, New Zealand jennylynnaroundtheworld

today: 30th March 2020
...2013 03 21 03.56.09 2013 03 21 04.11.45 2013 03 21 04.03.40. Cape Reigna The most northern tip of New Zealand where the Tazman and Pacific Oceans come together, and a sacred site for the Maori, we learned. We did a day trip up there and on the way did some sand surfing in the sand dunes on a beach.....

Drowning in Paihia

over a year ago: 10th December 2007
...The Bay of Islands is apparently the most subtropical part of New Zealand. Usually it looks like this − For me, it looks like this . Cape Reinga, the very top of New Zealand. I swear theres a lighthouse there. Rather far from home Sandboarding on the giant sand dunes was fun, though I had go......

Having a Blast

over a year ago: 8th April 2007
...s up at Paihia in the Bay of Islands, went to the Treaty House at Waitangi, Took a tour up to Cape Rienga and 90 mile beach, sand boarded on the Te pake sand dunes, went out for a days sailing on a catamaran called On The Edge − saw loads of dolphins, did some sea kayaking and swimming. Met......

New Zealand

over a year ago: 1st July 2006
...From Paihia we went on a Northern Exposure tour. This takes you to Cape Reinga which is the very northern tip of the north island. On the way we drove down Ninety Mile Beach which is so amazing. Itsa massive beach with sand dunes at......


over a year ago: 6th June 2008
...newest pictures picasaweb.googlenaomibutlerAuckland2 includes going to Russell (leather tannery, printing press), Waitangi (meeting house), sand dunes and mack attack super fast boat in the Bay of Islands. :)......



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